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Support Our Work & Help Us Reach Our Goals.

We are a patient-led Long COVID 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the understanding of Long COVID and expedite solutions and assistance to Longhaulers, and their families, through advocacy, education, research and support. We work incredibly close with our community members to ensure we are consistently capturing their lived experiences and are advocating on behalf our their needs helping to create solutions to the very problems for we are living with and through. Since formation, we have operated solely based off volunteers, who are wither Longhaulers themselves, caretakers of Longhaulers or community allies, typically with other post viral conditions themselves.


Your contributions will help support our ongoing work and help us reach our goals in providing some of the only forms of assistance, education, and resources Longhaulers can access, still more than 2.5+ years into the pandemic. Some of our top priority future goals are to: provide financial assistance to Longhaulers, create national public education and awareness campaigns and programs, create and facilitate a national provider education program, partner with patient advocates, liaisons, advisors, case managers, and others who can assist patients through their medical journey and help search for and secure resources and benefits.

We now ask or your support in expanding our reach, our work and in return our support to tens of millions of Longhaulers in the United States alone. We ask for your support to ensure that Long COVID and it's associated conditions (LCAC), such as Dysautonomia, ME/CFS, Mast Cell Activation and many more, are not swept under the rug, leaving tens of millions in the U.S. alone, disabled and without resources. We cannot allow our community to continue on without resources.  We are the only Long COVID organization consistently and comprehensively advocating for Long COVID and it's associated conditions and monitoring their prevalence, studying and reporting on the impacts to the labor force, communities of color, pediatrics, frontline workers, the healthcare system and monitoring the acceptance into social services such as social security disability, food assistance, medicaid and more. Long COVID presents an incredibly unique opportunity to address many policy shortcomings, especially when it comes to disability economic justice. We hope you will join us in facilitating change.

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