Our Team.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Longhaulers do not fade into the background once the world begins to move on from the Pandemic. We are driven to ensure accurate messaging and information is being shared with and about the Long COVID community and we strive to listen carefully to the community so we can continually represent the lived experiences and needs for the community as a whole. Each of our team members are Longhaulers themselves, sick since March 2020.  We fully understand what living with Long COVID is like and will continue to fight for post-viral research and resources to assist Longhaulers and others with complex chronic illnesses. 


Karyn Bishof, B.S., FF/PM

President & Founder

March 2020 Longhauler, Florida

Bishof is the founder of the COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project and Co-Founder of the Long COVID Alliance. She worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic at the time she was infected with COVID-19 and has since been unable to work due to Long COVID and its associated conditions. As a single mom who was a former Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator and Coach. Bishof believes it is imperative to inform people that Long Covid can and will affect even the youngest, healthiest people and that mild and asymptomatic cases make up the majority of those with Long COVID. She takes pride in the fact that C-19 LAP was founded by a Longhauler, for Longhaulers and that the entire team are first wave Longhaulers paving the way for everyone who, sadly, came after us.

Ann E. Wallace, PhD

Vice President
March 2020 Longhauler, New Jersey.

Wallace is a literary scholar, poet and essayist who draws on her experience as an ovarian cancer survivor, woman with MS and now longhauler, to record the experience of illness and to analyze the cultural meaning and rhetoric of health and medicine. Her work on COVID-19 has appeared in HuffPost, USA Today and numerous literary journals and collections. She is the author of Counting by Sevens: A Poetry Collection (Main Street Rag, 2019) and has completed a new collection, Days of Grace and Silence: A Chronicle of COVID's Long Haul. She is an English Professor at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ.


Netia McCray

2020 Longhauler, Boston, MA.

McCray is an educator whose global non-profit organization, Mbadika (bah-GEE-kah), has helped thousands bring their ideas to reality through leveraging STEM. For over 10 years, Netia has worked to demystify STEM in order to make it accessible to typically disadvantaged groups. As a long-hauler since 2020, she has witnessed first hand the short and long term devastation that Long COVID has brought to not only her community but to communities worldwide. Knowledge is power and being able to obtain appropriate care and support starts with equitable access. Through her work with C-19 LAP, she utilizes her educational background to demystify Long COVID and recovery for communities like hers that shouldered the burden of the COVID pandemic. 

Lisa O'Brien

March 2020 Longhauler, Utah.

O'Brien works as a Performance Auditor within the Federal Sector. Prior to that, she spent 21 years working for the US Postal Service in various positions. She holds three master’s degrees in Accounting, Management & Leadership, and an MBA. She is the founder of the Utah COVID-19 Long Haulers group & as a COVID Long Hauler herself, advocates for those dealing with the long-term effects of COVID-19. Her group influenced the establishment of Post-COVID Care Clinics in Utah and various research efforts. She has participated in many media interviews and has educated numerous groups on the topic of Long COVID to build awareness & understanding around the long-term impacts of COVID-19.


Stephanie (Stevie) Gedgaudas-Ostos


March 2020 Longhauler, Illinois.


Gedgaudas is a mother, wife and fur mom who has been involved with travel & hospitality since college, experiencing and learning about many different cultures through her travel. She has been involved in fundraising and advocacy efforts with other non-profit organizations she holds near to her heart and enjoys a collaborative environment that fosters teamwork. After multiple family members were left struggling with Long COVID, Stevie found C-19 LAP and decided to support our mission to support Long Covid Patients and she is passionate about cultivating knowledge and raising awareness nationwide about Long Covid while we wait for treatments to be identified.