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Our Team

image of team members Cynthia, Krista, and Georgia behind a table with panphlets and flyers/other information about C19LAP; C19LAP banner is in front of the table
The COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project is entirely led by a team of people with Long COVID. We work tirelessly to support the Long COVID community by advancing awareness and understanding of Long COVID and its associated conditions as well as helping to shape research, clinical care, and policy ensuring patient and caregiver perspectives and lived experience are centered.

Board of Directors

At the COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project, we are grateful to have a dedicated board of directors who are committed to giving guidance and direction to our team. Our patient-led focus drives our efforts, and we are proud of the team of experienced advocates who help us provide the support and advocacy longhaulers need.

image of Karyn in white turtle neck, make up red lipstick, blue eyes and long dark hair in a loose ponytail

Founder and President

Karyn Bishof

Karyn Bishof is a first-wave March 2020 Longhauler, mixed-indigenous single mom, and now former firefighter/ paramedic due to Long COVID and its associated conditions. Karyn served on the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicines (NASEM) committee tasked with developing the U.S. Government's definition of Long COVID, and serves on the NIH RECOVER Initiatives Ancillary Studies Oversight Committee, and as an external contributor to the AHRQ Long COVID Care Network.

Image of Krista against a wooden background; Krista has blue eyes and meduim long wavy brown hair, natural make up, a dark shirt on and grey jacket

Director of Policy and Programs

Krista Coombs

Krista Coombs likely contracted COVID-19 in February 2020 and has had multiple reinfections. Krista has a background as a TCM Acupuncturist specializing in chronic, complex illnesses for over 20 years.  Krista now works part-time as Long COVID Advocate at the Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL), providing peer support, resources and congressional advocacy. She also serves as a Caregiver Representative in the NIH RECOVER Initiative where currently involved in the NCEG Publications Subcommittee and the Pregnancy Cohort Coordinating Committee. Krista is especially focused on advocating for pediatrics, drawing from her personal experience caring for her children.

image of Netia with brown eyes and short natural dark hair with some highlights, natural make up, beaded longer earrings and black feminine dress shirt

Director of Education

Netia McCray

Netia McCray is a March 2020 Longhauler and founder of a STEM nonprofit, Mbadika. Netia is involved with the Mt. Sinai/ PolyBio Center for Recovery from Complex Chronic Illness (CoRE), NIH RECOVER Neuro through Duke University, and Project Echo with clinicians in New Mexico and California. Netia has also been invited to serve on the New York City Department of Health’s Patient and Community Advisory Committee for a multi-year study on the long-term public health outcomes of COVID-19.

image of Ken in a dark dress shirt and glasses; Ken has darker eyes and extremely short hair

Director of Communications & Community Outreach, Secretary

Ken Todd

Ken Todd is a February 2021 Longhauler and Emmy-nominated former television marketing and communications executive with an MBA in corporate strategy and marketing. Ken is a long-time member of C19LAP, an 18-time marathoner, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and has served as a C19LAP Division Lead for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island since 2023 . Ken has participated in multiple Long COVID studies and clinical trials at Mount Sinai and Yale University, and has shared his patient experience with multiple media outlets to help raise awareness of Long COVID.

image of Michael in a white dress shirt and drak jacket; Michael has light brown eyes and dark hair


Michael Clark

Michael Clark is a March 2020 Longhauler, accounting and finance executive, and a certified public accountant with over a decade of experience working in biotechnology and Big 4 public accounting. Michael has shared his personal experiences as a patient throughout the media aiming to lend his voice to the millions with Long COVID, its associated conditions, and others with infection-associated chronic conditions to find treatments, support, and dignity in their journey.

Community Administrative & Support Team

Our community administrative and support team works to make sure that the COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project is operating smoothly. By providing graphic design, website assistance, and other administrative services, our team ensures that crucial information is readily available to community members. We're dedicated to making sure that every longhauler gets the support they need to make a full and speedy recovery.

Georgia is a first wave longhauler from March 2020, assisting with Facebook community administration and outreach.

Georgia Linders

headshot of Georgia in a patterned top and tortoise shell cat eye glasses; Georgia has darker eyes and medium length wavy brown hair


Holly is a first wave longhauler from early March 2020, assisting with web and media design.

Holly Broman

Headshot of Holly in a black top; Holyl has brown eyes and short to medium length curly brown hair


Cynthia is a first wave longhauler from March 2020, assisting with graphics and social media.

Cynthia Adinig

Headshot of Cynthis in a pink top and larger pearl necklace; Cynthia has brown eyes and natural long brown hair


Anne is a January 2021 Longhauler, assisting with Facebook community administration and administrator & moderator training.

Anne Richards

headshot of Anne; Anne as brown eyes and long brown hair

New York

Administrator/ Moderator Division Leads

The COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project exists to provide a platform for Longhaulers to come together and support each other. Our administrators and moderators work to ensure that the information we provide is up-to-date, reliable, and relevant. We want to increase public awareness of the challenges Longhaulers face and advocate for better healthcare, research, and policies to support them. Join us in our mission by becoming a member of our community or by contributing to our cause.

Image of business people in masks; three seating in the background of the image and two women at the front of the image in conversation

C19LAP Main FB Community

This is a private group which facilitates a safe, collaborative, and supportive environment, moderated by other long-haulers volunteering their spoons.

C19LAP Public FB Page

This is our public page, allowing you to share information and calls to action we post, since our groups are private for member protection.

Our Community

C19LAP FB Chapters

These chapters are a great way to meet other longhaulers near you or within your community who can relate to life with Long COVID, to find local or relevant resources, and organize local or community specific actions.

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