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Our Work.


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  • Created the Comprehensive Guide for Longhaulers and Providers.
  • Created the largest list of Post COVID Care Centers to date (8-2022)
  • Created the COVID Competent Providers List.
  • Created the Roadmap to Successful Long COVID End Points
  • Webinar discussion the Biden-Harris Administations reports on Long COVID, existing Long COVID Legislation & the importance of community engagement.
  • Created one of the first Long COVID PSA's, October 2020.
  • Created a Long COVID Pediatric PSA, February 2022.
  • Spoke at and lead meetings with lawmakers for 2 years during Long COVID/ Post-Viral Illness advocacy week.
  • Participated in a Congressional Roundtable Meeting with Representative Pressley.
  • Attended Various Media Appearances and speaking events.
  • Consistent member interaction and engagement within our support groups via sharing studies, public health guidance, research findings, announcements, enrollments and answering community questions and concerns.
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  • The First Confirmed Case Only, Longhauler Survey- 1,700, June 2020
  • Confirmed and Unconfirmed Longhauler Survey- 700, July 2020
  • Experiences and Needs of Longhaulers Survey- 1,200, Oct 2020
  • Florida Specific Longhaul Survey for congressional request- 100,
    April 2021
  • Several long-time members (including our founder) are serving on committees and task forces within the NIH's RECOVER Initiative.
  • Our founder serves on the Long COVID Research Fund's Advisory Board.
  • Continued community polls via social media measuring the experiences and impacts to the Long COVID community, their families, the economy, and the medical system.
  • JAMA: The Costs of Long COVID by Dr. David Cutler
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Our Future Goals

  • Provide financial assistance to the Long COVID community & families.
  • Create national public education and awareness campaigns and programs.
  • Create and facilitate a national provider education program and partnerships.
  • Partner with patient advocates, liaisons, advisors, case managers and others who can help assist patients through their medical journey, and help search for and obtain local resources and benefits. 

Goals will evolve over time and

with funding availability.

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