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Your voice, your experience, and your passion is what drives the changes needed to improve and restore the lives of tens, if not millions, of Longhaulers in the U.S. alone. There are many, many ways to get involved, but one of the most important ways you can help is to volunteer and help facilitate and carry out actions that help address the points listed below. If change does not happen now, then it never will. Not for us, not for the tens of millions before us, or the tens of millions who will come after us. We must capitalize on this monumental opportunity and demand change and fight for our lives back, as well as fight to ensure our children never lose theirs! The form below has general volunteer opportunities, the enrollment for our State Advocacy Teams, our Special Populations Advocacy Teams, Social Media Affiliates and more. Register as a volunteer here.


Tell Us Your Story.

Our stories are what started our movement, after no one was listening to us. Our stories got us to the media to educate others about Long COVID and the risks of COVID-19 infections. Our stories pushed the collection of data by the patient community, which landed in front of health organizations. Our stories have contributed to the continued pressure on lawmakers and our health agencies to take action. With a lack of public education and awareness on Long COVID (still, 2+ years in) and with a country determined to move on as if tens of millions of people did not just become disabled due to the pandemic, our stories are more important now, more than ever. Your stories help raise awareness, educate one another, the public, us and our advocacy efforts, lawmakers, provide support to one another and remind people that the risk for everyone is very real, that COVID does not discriminate and vastly impacts all aspects of life. We know thousands if not millions of others will continue to develop Long COVID so long as COVID-19 infections are happening. Please help us provide the advocacy and education needed which informs the advocacy, education, research and support our community needs!

We are taking responses from Adult Longhaulers, Pediatric Longhaulers and from Caretakers of Longhaulers. There are several prompts to answer.  Tell your story here.

Support Our Work.

Provide Pro-Bono or In-Kind Services

Submit an Interest or Lead for a Donor or Sponsor

As a non-profit for Longhaulers led by Longhaulers, we operate solely based off volunteers, most of which are ill themselves, and are in need of the very resources we are advocating for. We are in need of operating funds, project funds, and most importantly to our hearts and mission, funds to give back to a community desperately in need of financial assistance and other forms of social supports not available to them in any other form at this time. We are also in need of many services like attorneys, fundraisers, social media and website personnel, policy experts, advocacy firms, volunteer recruiters, community resource liaisons, videographers and more.

Complete the form here or Visit our DONATE page here.

All Hands In
Doctor's Appointment

Recommend A COVID-Competent Provider 

Longhaulers struggle to find quality medical care, and have developed many medical conditions we refer to as Long COVID Associated Conditions (LCAC), such as Dysautonomia, ME/CFS, MCAS and many others. Seeking medical care for these conditions was a struggle prior to the pandemic. Now due to Long COVID, it is even more important to identify experienced providers offering quality care. We are trying to help limit wait times to experts, eliminate or limit medical gaslighting which can greatly contribute to mental health struggles and help patients access resources that will hopefully help them regain quality of life. Providers that have been already been recommended can be found on our interactive map. 

Recommend a provider here.

*As a reminder,  we do not endorse any providers listed and use of or addition of any providers is at your own discretion and risk.*

Submit Contacts of Journalists You've Worked With or That Cover Long COVID

Submit Media You & The Organization Appear In

Fancy Camera

There are many stories to be told when it comes to Long COVID, from the lack of tracking, documentation, planning for and assistance for those with Long COVID,  to accessible, comprehensive, quality medical care, to patient-driven care centers, research programs and policy, the expansion of social security disability, workers compensation and other disability programs, workplace and school accommodations, disability rights, economic justice and so much more. As our government urges us daily to just "move on" (which is incredibly ableist), journalists and others with a platform have an essential role to document this monumental public health crisis and the governments failed response to it and the costs of that failed response and what can be done to correct course, highlighting much of the work groups like ours are doing, and can do.  We matter. Let's make sure our stories are told loudly, consistently, and accurately!

Add media coverage & journalist contacts here.




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