Ways to Support Us

From June 2020 through December 2021, we operated with zero funds, though still doing a lot of quality work for the community. We want to be better able to serve our community and help fill the gaps that exist, which you can read more about below. To do this, we need your help. Please consider donating to support our efforts. For other ways to support us, please see below.

Our goals through funding.

  • Provide financial assistance to Longhaulers struggling financially (medical bills, medications, utilities, mobility devices, transportation to appointments/ studies and more)

  • Scholarships and activities for Long COVID Children or children of Longhaulers struggling financially.

  • Provide Education and training to Longhaulers, their families, medical providers and researchers.

  • ​Contribute to and support research efforts that will benefit the Long COVID Community.

  • Work with legislators and local health departments to create awareness campaigns and resources.

  • Hire professionals: Fundraiser, Policy Expert, Disability Liaisons, Communications & more.

  • Continue to produce resources for the Long COVID community and bring in professionals when appropriate (webinars, guidance).

How else can you support us?

  1. Sponsor

    1. Zoom, yearly renewal for non profit, quickbooks, email addresses w/ domain, email services like mailchimp etc, webinars, paying experts for webinars, liaison for navigating disability, policy writer, professional fundraiser, specific events, a specific family/ cause (we can create a whole page for LH in need if we want to open that can of worms- though we have zero capacity to vet). (Click Here If Interested)

  2. Time/ Pro Bono Services

    1. Attorney, cpa, professional fundraiser, strategist, researcher, medical provider, policy writer, lawmaker, artist, musician, video editor, publicist, etc. (Click Here If Interested)

  3. Get Involved (link that page)​