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Tell The World About Long COVID!
Long COVID Awareness Day is March 15th.

Help raise awareness about Long COVID through our many actions below and get a Long COVID Awareness Day T-Shirt and profile picture!

 Long COVID is a chronic, systemic, and often debilitating condition that occurs in approximately twenty percent of people who become infected with COVID-19. With over two hundred documented symptoms, a cascade of secondary associated conditions, and every organ system involved, Long COVID causes significant disruption to life and one's ability to perform activities of daily living. Tens of millions of people with Long COVID in the U.S. alone face a lack of funding for research, coordinated and informed clinical care, and support services all while lacking available and approved treatments for Long COVID or a cure. 

Take Action for Long COVID!

Every day should be Long COVID Awareness Day! From today through Long COVID Awareness Day [March 15th] and beyond, help us raise awareness about Long COVID, and the community's needs. Help us urge President Biden to discuss Long COVID during the State of the Union Address, urge Congress to support immediate and sufficient funding for Long COVID and meet with Long COVID constituents during Long COVID Awareness Week, take part in Long COVID Awareness Day actions (or help organize them!), and contact the media for coverage of Long COVID funding needs and Long COVID Awareness Day!

Some actions have various ways to participate and require different energy levels and spoons.

Please choose what works best for you and pace yourself! 

Click the text in the actions below to get started!

Share Long COVID Infographics (Below)
to Help Raise Awareness & Educate Others About Long COVID.

Horizonal (Facebook,Twitter)

Vertical (TikTok, Reels)

Choose an action per day! Pace yourself. Share widely, on all platforms!

Tag Us!

Facebook: Main Facebook Community, 60 Facebook Chapters, Facebook Page

Twitter: @C19LH_Advocacy

TikTok: @longhauler_advocacy

Instagram: @longhauler_advocacy

You can also email us pictures to 

Hashtags to use:

Always: #LongCOVIDAD24

Optional: #FundLongCOVID, #LongCOVIDAwareness, #C19LAP

Each day, post about the action you completed to your various platforms!

Here are some samples:

1- Today I contacted the HELP committee to support funding for #LongCOVID.

Join me and others in (Tag us)'s actions for #LongCOVIDAD24 at

2- Join me in urging President Biden (or tag him) to discuss #LongCOVID during the March 7th #SOTUAddress. Check out the (tag us) toolkit for #LongCOVIDad24 here:


Help us raise awareness and educate others about Long COVID, and the long-term risks of a COVID-19 infection.

During the week of March 11-17th, and especially on Long COVID Awareness Day, March 15th, take to social media,

post a picture of you wearing your shirt and tell us why you need Long COVID funding now!

Be sure to tag us on whichever platform you use and ALWAYS use #LongCOVIDAD24 so we connect to one another!

Here are some other optional tags: #LongCOVID, #LongCOVIDAwareness, #FundLongCOVID, #C19LAP.


Disclosure: C19LAP makes no profit on the sale of these T-shirts and will also be contributing to

shipping costs to ensure more accessibility for the community. 

Long COVID Awareness Day T-Shirts
Teal T-Shirt that says Long COVID Awareness Day March 15th in white text with the Long COVID awareness ribbon under it in teal, gray, white and black. The back of the shirt has the C19LAP Logo in white red and black and in white text underneath, COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project

Available in:

  • Adults up to 5X

  • Youth xs-xl

  • International shipping

  • Front Print Only (no logo)

  • Front & Back (w/ logo)

$28 inclusive of shipping

+ $10 for international orders



March 4th!

U.S. Orders

International Orders

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Social Media Profile Pictures

Change your social media profile pictures to help raise awareness about Long COVID! Be sure to use #LongCOVIDAD24 when posting so we can all find each other's actions!


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